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I'm the owner of this site (site made by Flashwave, owner of I'm Julian a.k.a Djjuul13/Djjew. I'm a 15 years old and I do a lot with computers and music.


I’m happy to announce that I’m officially back from being gone and that I’ll be updating this site regularly again.
I’ve been off again and not really much happened in the mean time.
I’ll update the beatmap section a.s.a.p and try to make something of it.
These updates basically are the news I had to share with whoever is still watching this kinda dead blog.



So well…..IF you’ve been following this site (which you probably haven’t) then you have noticed there has been dead silence for a pretty long time. This was because of school and some other things which kept me too busy to do something on this blog thing. I will be posting things in the future though. I’ve also started with making another beatmap (will take some time to finish) so I will try to upload that one in the downloads section as soon as I’ve finished at least 50% of easy and normal difficulties.



As you can see, I’ve added a Download page to the menu.
This is the page where you can download things (obviously nothing special about it).
I’ve also started with the making of beatmaps for OSU, beatmaps for songs which haven’t got one yet.
Keep an eye on the Downloads page because more downloads will be added soon.


New little project

Hello everyone,

I started a little game coding project yesterday, it’s a snake game, made in c++, with some extra things added to the game to make it more difficult than the original snake.

I’ll post a download link as soon as possible.


Breaking News

Hello again,

I’ve decided to take a little break from the Satori OS and learn a bit more about c++ and maybe python as well.

If I start a c++ project or another project (smaller than Satori OS) I will post it here.


New Update?

Here me again with another update/news item.

After I downloaded all the source packs I needed and did all the shit what must be done, I decided to redo everything because I did some little things wrong (like download places and some other minor mistakes)

This time it’s not going to be fucked up, so after I did everything and compiled the whole bunch of shit, I am ready to set up the desktop environment and maybe bring out an Alpha download.



I’ve made some progress tonight, so now I’m going to start with the compiling of all the packages that I need. It’s probably going to take forever, but if it’s done I’m almost done with the basic stuff. I’ll keep y’all informed when I have another update.


Making progress!

First of all: Happy birthday to myself 😀 Turned 15 today.

Well, now the real news:

After a fucking week of not being able to start off, I finally made some progress (turned out I was following the wrong set-up guide -.-)

I will post more as soon as the environment is made and shit is working



le start

First of all, welcome to my site. This site is made to inform everyone in this world/the ones who will ever see this site…. about the project I’m going to start.

The project is an OS, based on Satori OS, that’s why it’s called Satori Standalone (maybe I’m gonna change the name after a while)

On this page I’ll keep y’all informed if I made any progress, also there will be a download section soon with the alpha/beta downloads.